Mrs. Trout estimated her math class next year would include 28 students. The actual size of the class turned out to be 32 students. She calculated the percent error in the following way.

Accepted Solution

If Mrs. Trout estimated that her math class next year would be 28 students but actually received 32 students;  to find the percentage of the difference of her estimation versus how many actual students there were, we would need to find the increased percentage. Your answer would be that there was a 14.3% increase of students than what Mrs. Trout actually estimated in her class.To find this: Find the difference between the NEW number (32) and the ORIGINAL number (28).32-28= 4Next, divide the difference (4) by the ORIGINAL number (28).4/28 = 0.14285Lastly, you will multiply by 100.0.14285 x 100 = 14.285% and rounded would give you 14.3%