You've deposited $5,000 into a Michigan Education Savings Program (a 529 college savings program) for your daughter who will be attending college in 15 years. In order for it to grow to $24,000 by the time she goes to college, what annual rate of return would you have to earn?N= I/Y= PV= PMT= FV= P/Y=

Accepted Solution

Answer:Ans. the annual rate of return, in order to turn $5,000 into $24,000 in 15 years is 11.02% annual.Step-by-step explanation:Hi, well, in order to find the value of the interest rate of return, we need to solve for "r" the following equation,[tex]Future Value=PresentValue(1+r)^{n}[/tex]Where:n= years (time that the money was invested)r=annual rate of return (Decimal)So, letΒ΄s see the math of this.[tex]24,000=5,000(1+r)^{15}[/tex][tex]\frac{24,000}{5,000} =(1+r)^{15}[/tex][tex]\sqrt[15]{\frac{24,000}{5,000} } =1+r[/tex][tex]\sqrt[15]{\frac{24,000}{5,000} } -1=r[/tex][tex]r=0.11023[/tex]So the annual rate of return that turns $5,000 into $24,000 in 15 years is 11.02%.N=15; PV=5,000; FV=24,000; PMT=N.A; I/Y=11.02% P/Y=N.ABest of Luck.